Vision Statement: From the beginning, every child should have a family and community environment in which she or he can thrive physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Mission Statement: The Illinois Association for Infant Mental Health (ILAIMH) focuses on the prenatal period through the first three years of life, recognizing its importance for all later development.  Therefore, we promote the optimum development of young children and their families within the context of their communities and cultures by providing infant and early childhood mental health leadership locally, regionally, and nationally.


Expand and enhance the community of professionals who are concerned with the mental health of children and their families in the prenatal period through the first five years of life, especially professionals who focus on the prenatal period through three years.

Objectives and Actions:

  1. Expand and enhance the credential through the Association. (Credential Committee)
  2. Ensure a quality workforce in Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health by expanding and enhancing Reflective Practice Groups.(Reflective Practice Group Committee)
  3. Investigate and develop a plan so the Credential Committee and Reflective Practice Group Committee can collaborate. (Credential Committee and Reflective Practice Committee)
  4. Continue to provide an annual conference (drawing participants from across the state of Illinois) and also continue to provide annual professional seminars in central, southern, and northern Illinois, as well as continuing to expand locations in Chicagoland area.  (Education and Professional Development Committee)
  5.  Identify and create systems that support the retention of current members and the engagement of new members   (Membership Committee and Communication Committee)
  6.   Develop an infrastructure for membership (Membership Committee)  
  7. Maintain and increase ILAIMH chapter development and participation across the state. (Membership Committee)


Provide and promote leadership to infuse an Infant Mental Health lens into multiple systems that serve infants and young children.

Objectives and Activities:

  1. Promote and share expertise in research and best practice in the field of IMH.(Research Committee and Communication Committee).
  2. Inform ILAIMH members of efforts to improve public policies in Illinois that impact the lives of young children and their families.(Policy and Advocacy Committee)
  3. (Policy and Advocacy Committee)


Build organizational capacity that creates sustainability for the work of the Association.

Objective and Activities:

  1. Develop a plan for potential expansion and/or a shift of organization to the Association.(Personnel and Development Committee)