We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, both mentally and physically, during the COVID-19 health crisis. Governor Pritzker announced the creation of a new hotline, called Call4Calm, for people who want to get help with mental health issues arising from the pandemic. Illinois residents can text TALK to 552-020 and the state will put them in touch with a counselor. For assistance in Spanish, people can text HABLAR to the same number. This service is free to use, and it is available no matter your personal circumstances, and you will remain completely anonymous,

Everyone connected to the state’s early care and education system is focused on making sure young children, their families and providers feel safe and secure during this unprecedented global pandemic. To that end, we hope that during these trying times you’ll find the following resources helpful.

The best source for updated information on actions taken by the state is the COVID-19 page on the Governor’s Office of Early Childhood Development (GOECD)’s website. We encourage everyone to visit this page regularly. The site includes recent updates on emergency child care and teletherapy in Early Intervention, among other critical issues.

In addition, see below for additional resources we hope will provide needed guidance and support for families and those in the field. Please bear in mind that the situation is dynamic and new information is released daily.