ILAIMH Board of Directors contact list, 2017

Executive Committee:

President: Delreen Schmidt-Lenz, LCSW, I/ECMH-C
President-Elect/ Credential Committee Chair: Karen Freel, Ph.D.
Past-President/Secretary: Sarah Martinez, LCPC, I/ECMH-C
Treasurer: Lauren Wiley, MS. Ed., I/ECHM-C
Past Treasurer: Jim Grabowski, LCPC
Membership Chair: Nancy Mork LCSW, I/ECMH-C

Committee Chairs/Liaisons:

Policy & Advocacy: Allison Lowe-Fotos, MSW, LCSW
Research: Cecilia Martinez-Torteya, Ph.D.
Communications: Andria Goss, MS, MSW (Newsletter)
Development: Sabrina Townsend, M.S.
Education & Professional Development: Norma Swanson Irie LCSW, I/ECMH-C (Advisor), Tina Copeland, LCSW (Committee Co-Chair), Tammy Besser, LCSW, NCG (Committee Co-Chair), Jenna Kelly, LCSW, I/ECHM-C (Spring Seminar Co-Chair) Michelle Lee-Murrah, MEd, LCPC, I/ECMH-C (Spring Seminar Co-Chair)
Reflective Practice Groups: Christa Austin, MPA
Personnel: Carlissa Crawford, MHRM, SPHR
Student Representative: New Student Representative Board Member will be filled in Fall 2017

Board Directors:

Nora Barquin, Ph.D., LCSW, Research Committee
Colleen Berman, LCSW, Med, Central Chapter Committee
Ariel Chaidez, MSW, LCSW, Policy & Advocacy Committee
Andrew Fisher, LCPC, Education & Professional Development Committee
Jake Jacob, LCPC, I/ECMH-C, Southern Chapter Committee
Mary Lehman, LCSW, DT, Central Chapter Committee
Asha Misra, M.A., Development Committee
Christine Nicpon, M.A., Policy & Advocacy Committee
Cris Stanek, LCSW, I/ECHM-C, Policy & Advocacy Committee/Central Chapter Committee

Contracted Support

Monica Tan, Brochures/Marketing
Lynn Liston, MS.Ed I/ECMH-C
Credentialing Director

Volunteer Support

Ann Foody
Nancy Segall, LCSW, I/ECMH-C
Listserv Moderator


Terms expire in December of the year noted.